Feature Of Product

Complete Product

Covers all types of insurance products
Products from revenue guarantee to risk management

Perfect System

Consulting / Insurance / Claims Full process electronic
Training system, from new product introduction to follow-up service
Customer information one-stop maintenance, professional team


Provide professional insurance configuration
Full post management
Comprehensive technical support

Yu Fung

Introduce customer process

  • Develop high-end customers international financial market
  • Referral to customers and responsible for integrating and providing customer data as described
  • Arrange for customers to take out insurance in Hong Kong
  • Follow the entire sales, verification, and physical examination process
  • Cooperate with Fufung Insurance to follow up after-sales service
Yu Fung

Sales and wealth management product workflow

  • Design and explain financial planning to clients
  • Assist customers to fill out insurance application forms and arrange for underwriting insurance policies
  • Accompany the customer to the insurance company for verification, medical examination and payment of premiums
  • Explain the policy terms to the customer after successful underwriting
  • Provide after-sales service according to customer needs
  • Provide regular sales progress report
Yu Fung

Marketing management training

Yu Fung training in Hong Kong:

Market development, integrated financial planning, financial product knowledge, after-sales service, etc.

Building team trust and confidence

  • Participants in the training course content group, exchange learning experiences
  • Examples of insurance cases, discussions, answers to questions and analysis of cases
  • Customer resource survey and analysis, special needs customer project follow-up

Trustworthy Investment Partner

Improve compliance management

AML & Counter- Terrorist Financing
Guidelines for preventing money laundering and terrorist financing activities

KYC (Know Your Customer)

Insurance Authority Ordinance & Guildlines (GN)

 (New Ordinance Guidelines)

Compliance staff experienced