Yu Fung Products

Covers all types of insurance products, from revenue guarantee to risk management products, consulting/insurance/claims, full process electronic training system, from new product introduction to follow-up service, one-stop maintenance of customer data, professional team

Life Insurance

Life, serious illness and accident insurance


Property Insurance

Group medical, auto insurance, fire insurance, home, domestic insurance, etc.


liability Insurance

Employee compensation, public responsibility


Yu Fung Broker Limited

Yufung Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. (Yufung Insurance) was established in 2015. It is a licensed insurance brokerage company (license number: FB1750) under the Hong Kong Insurance Regulatory Authority. It is a professional insurance brokerage firm.

Our company is one of the few brokerage firms in Hong Kong that has complete contracts with insurance companies. The insurance companies we cooperate with include major overseas insurance companies. Insurance products are very complete, including not only life insurance, long-term insurance, but also general insurance, investment-linked insurance, group insurance products, etc. The company’s past service partners include financial, medical, IT and telecommunications and other enterprises, with high professionalism and rich practical experience.

Yu Fung Broker Limited is an independent insurance broker with a professional third-party insurance financial advisory organization, cooperates with overseas top insurance financial institutions and professional service providers, and provides a multi-insurance asset allocation plan based on customer needs. * One-stop service for 24-hour insurance consultation, purchase, and claims.